100 Easy Quiz Questions


These easy quiz questions and answers contain 100 general knowledge questions. They come in rounds of 20 questions and the correct answers are listed at the end of each round. Have fun!

Easy General Knowledge Questions Round I

  1. From which language is the word ‘ketchup’ derived?
  2. Which is the country with the biggest population in Europe?
  3. Who portrayed Edward Scissorhands?
  4. What are made and repaired by a cobbler?
  5. What is an endoscope used to examine?
  6. Apart from womanizing and producing films, what was the other passion of Howard Hughes?
  7. What colour are the four stars on the flag of New Zealand?
  8. How many states make up the United States of America?
  9. Which English football team plays its home matches at Old Trafford?
  10. Mr. Carson is the name of the butler in which popular TV costume drama?
  11. Comedy duo Ant and Dec are originally from which English city?
  12. In the medical profession, what do the initials ‘GP’ stand for?
  13. Which German football team won the Champions League in 2013?
  14. Maris Piper and King Edward are varieties of what?
  15. H2O is the chemical formula for what?
  16. Which English king married six times?
  17. Whom did David Cameron succeed as the British prime minister?
  18. Blandenburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony are states in which European country?
  19. Complete the title of the play by Shakespeare – ‘The Merchant of …’?
  20. By what name is the TV adventurer Edward Michael Grylls more commonly known?

Easy General Knowledge Questions Round I Answers

  1. Chinese
  2. Russia
  3. Johnny Depp
  4. Shoes
  5. The inside of the body
  6. Aviation
  7. Red
  8. 50 states
  9. Manchester United
  10. Downton Abbey
  11. Newcastle upon Tyne
  12. General practitioner
  13. Bayern Munich
  14. Potato
  15. Water
  16. Henry VIII
  17. Gordon Brown
  18. Germany
  19. Venice
  20. Bear Grylls

Easy Pub Quiz Questions Round II

  1. Which fictional sleuth was played on TV for 25 years by David Suchet?
  2. Brie and Camembert are types of which food?
  3. Complete the title of the hit romantic comedy – ‘When Harry Met …’?
  4. What type of creature lives in an apiary?
  5. In London, what can be found at Spitalfields, Portobello Road and Camden?
  6. Which British artist is famous for his spot paintings?
  7. A rugby union team is made up of how many players?
  8. Which British patron saint is celebrated annually on 1st of March?
  9. What colour flag is awarded to a beach that meets high standards for cleanliness, safety and water quality?
  10. Pantomimes traditionally take place at what time of the year?
  11. In which religion is Krishna a god?
  12. In which sport are there playing positions called flanker, fly half and tight-head prop?
  13. What boy’s name is also the capital of the Falkland Islands?
  14. TV comedy ‘Dad’s Army’ was set during which conflict?
  15. Stilton, Wensleydale and Yarg are types of which food?
  16. In which decade did Queen Elizabeth II become the British monarch?
  17. In which country was Adolf Hitler born?
  18. The phrase ‘three strikes and you’re out’ originates from which sport?
  19. Which English city is often abbreviated to Soton?
  20. Which mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain?

Easy Pub Quiz Questions Round II Answers

  1. Hercule Poirot
  2. Cheese
  3. Sally
  4. Bee
  5. Markets
  6. Damien Hirst
  7. 15
  8. St. David
  9. Blue
  10. Christmas
  11. Hinduism
  12. Rugby Union
  13. Stanley
  14. World War II
  15. Cheese
  16. 1950s
  17. Austria
  18. Baseball
  19. Southampton
  20. The Pyrenees

Easy Quiz Questions Round III

  1. Shannon Airport is in which European country?
  2. Nora Batty was a character in which long-running TV comedy?
  3. Murrayfield Stadium is in which British city?
  4. In which sport may a player score a birdie, eagle or albatross?
  5. Goal shooter, goal attack and wing attack are playing positions in which sport?
  6. The underwater city of Bikini Bottom is the setting for which popular children’s cartoon?
  7. Colombo is the largest city of which Asian country?
  8. Which sci-fi character has been played on the big screen by Leonard Nimoy and more recently by Zachary Quinto?
  9. How many English monarchs have been called Edward?
  10. In Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, what type of fictional creature is Smaug?
  11. Carrow Road is the home ground of which English football team?
  12. The ‘Financial Times’ newspaper is printed on what colour paper?
  13. For what is ‘the dunny’ an Australian slang term?
  14. The Canary Islands are a region of which country?
  15. In the popular video game series, what type of animal is Sonic?
  16. Greens, fairways and bunkers are part of the setting for which sport?
  17. Which UK city was the venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games?
  18. Ramsay Street is the setting for which TV soap?
  19. The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of which country?
  20. Which pair of superheroes are known as the ‘Dynamic Duo’?

Easy Quiz Questions Round III Answers

  1. Ireland
  2. Last of the Summer Wine
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Golf
  5. Netball
  6. SpongeBob SquarePants
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Mr. Spock
  9. Eight
  10. Dragon
  11. Norwich City
  12. Pink
  13. The toilet
  14. Spain
  15. Hedgehog
  16. Golf
  17. Glasgow
  18. Neighbours
  19. Australia
  20. Batman and Robin

Easy Questions Round IV

  1. Which Olympic sport takes place in a velodrome?
  2. Which joint connects the foot to the leg?
  3. In London, what are Tate Modern, Tate Britain and White Cube?
  4. What name is shared by a brass musical instrument and a type of ice-cream cone?
  5. Prior to joining the euro, what was the currency of Spain?
  6. Which American city was also the title of a 2002 Oscar-winning film starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere?
  7. What item, useful in the rain, provided the title of a hit single of Rihanna?
  8. Aintree racecourse is in which city?
  9. Coniston Water and Derwent Water are part of which UK National Park?
  10. Spearker’s Corner is a feature of which London park?
  11. Harley Street in London is commonly associated with which profession?
  12. What is the national flower of Wales?
  13. Ringway airport serves which British city?
  14. Which fortification stretches from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend?
  15. St. Mungo’s Cathedral is in which Scottish city?
  16. Glyndebourne is associated with which type of music?
  17. The Balti Triangle is an area of which British city?
  18. The Derby is held at which English racecourse?
  19. Which English county is known as ‘Shakespeare’s County’?
  20. The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans which river?

Easy Questions Round IV Answers

  1. Cycling
  2. Ankle
  3. Art galleries
  4. Cornet
  5. Peseta
  6. Chicago
  7. Umbrella
  8. Liverpool
  9. The Lake District
  10. Hyde Park
  11. Medicine
  12. Daffodil
  13. Manchester
  14. Handrian’s Wall
  15. Glasgow
  16. Opera
  17. Birmingham
  18. Epsom
  19. Warwickshire
  20. Avon

Easy Quiz Questions Round V

  1. By population, what is the largest city in Scotland?
  2. The Soap opera ‘Brookside’ was set in which city?
  3. Freestyle and Greco-Roman are disciplines of which Olympic sport?
  4. Quebec is a province in which Commonwealth country?
  5. R.I. are the initials of which American state?
  6. A round of championship golf consists of how many holes?
  7. The cricket ground Trent Bridge is in which English city?
  8. The province of Rioja, which gives its name to the famous drink, is in which country?
  9. Ibrox Stadium and Celtic Park are football grounds in which British city?
  10. The Latin phrase ‘Utrinque Paratus’ is the motto of which regiment of the British Army?
  11. The guilder was the former currency of which European country?
  12. Which of tennis’ four major championships is played on clay?
  13. A pug is a breed of which domestic pet?
  14. Which European capital city is known in its native language as Praha?
  15. What colour beret is worn by members of the Royal Marines?
  16. Which northern English city was known in Roman times as Deva?
  17. Calcio is the Italian word for which sport?
  18. Which outdoor sport is played at Lord’s?
  19. In terms of area, what is the largest country in South America?
  20. What does the ‘MI’ in ‘MI6’ stand for?

Easy Quiz Questions Round V Answers

  1. Glasgow
  2. Liverpool
  3. Wrestling
  4. Canada
  5. Rhode Island
  6. 18
  7. Nottingham
  8. Spain
  9. Glasgow
  10. Parachute Regiment
  11. The Netharlands
  12. French Open
  13. Dog
  14. Prague
  15. Green
  16. Chester
  17. Football
  18. Cricket
  19. Brazil
  20. Military Intelligence