General Knowledge Quiz Questions


Playing a game that contains general knowledge quiz questions is always a fun method of testing your knowledge and compete with your friends on different subjects. You might master certain subjects while simply being clueless on others.

General knowledge quiz questions difficulty

Our main aim when creating these general knowledge quiz questions was to cover as many topics as possible so that the final score should offer you a slight info in regards to your general knowledge. While you might find the starting questions easy, they tend to get a bit more difficult as you advance towards the end of these general knowledge quiz questions. You’ll be able to find more general knowledge quiz questions playing this General Knowledge Quiz.
Good luck!

What's the capital of Denmark?

Originally a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark in the early 15th century. It has a municipal population of 591,481 and a larger urban population of 1,280,371 according to the Danish statistics as of 1st of January, 2016. You can find out more about Copenhagen on Wikipedia.

How many of these general knowledge quiz questions you’ve answered correctly?