35 Human Body Questions


These human body quiz questions are divided into three different rounds. Have fun! Also, you might also like our medical quiz.

Human Body Quiz Questions

1. Which two bones make up the lower arm, between the elbow and wrist?

Ulna and radius

2. What are the three types of muscles?

Skeletal, cardiac and smooth

3. What is the fluid that protects joints, as most joints are comprised of two imperfectly connected bones?

Syvnovia or syvnovial fluid

4. Where is the muscle called the trapezius found?

The base of the skull

5. What are the three types of vertebrae?

Cervical, thoracic and lumbar

6. What are the small bones found in both the feet and the hands?


7. Folic acid, used in the body to promote cell division and create red blood cells, is part of which vitamin group?

Folic acid is B9

8. Where in the body are the corticosteroids that provide the body’s natural anti-inflammatories produced?

Adrenal cortex

9. What are the four basic types of tissue in animals?

Epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous

10. What would an Ishihara test hope to establish?

The degree of colour-blindness in the subject

Human Body Quiz Questions: Round 2

human body quiz questions

11. In what part of the body are the human vocal cords found?


12. What was the significance of the finding of simian bones in a cave near Dusseldorf in 1856?

It was Neanderthal man

13. What part of the body has a protective layer called the sclera?

The eye (it is the opaque, milky fluid that protects the sensitive working parts)

14. What are the four types of teeth in a human mouth?

Incisor, canine, molar, premolar

15. What could a woman not do without a Fallopian tube?

Give birth (the tube carries the egg from the ovary to the uterus)

16. What is the fluid that surrounds, bathes and nitrifies cells in the body? And what carries an excess of it around the body and feeds it back into the blood supply?

Interstitial fluid; the lymphatic system

17. Which would provide the most protein per 100g: roast chicken, grilled bacon or tinned tuna?

Tuna, with c.28 g of proteins per 100g, compared to c.19 g for chicken and even less for bacon

18. What is the term applied when an organ protrudes through the protective cavity around it, often causing discomfort or pain?


19. What part of the body has four parts: ascending, descending, transverse and sigmoid?


20. What is the longest (and widest) nerve in the human body, running from the lower back through the buttock into the legs?

Sciatic nerve

Human Body Questions: Round 3

human body quiz

21. Which side of the heart serves the lungs with blood? What is the main vessel carrying blood from the heart to the lungs?

Right side (ventricle and atrium); pulmonary artery

22. What are the conducting cells in the nervous system?


23. Where in the human body can you find the parietal and lacrimal bones?


24. What are the two bones at the vulnerable base of the spine?

Sacrum and coccyx

25. What are the bones that form the jaw?

Maxillae and mandible

26. How many pairs of ribs are there in the human skeleton? How many of these are described as ‘floating’?

Twelve; two pairs (numbers eleven twelve)

27. Where in the human body would you find an aortic arch, a tricuspid valve and interventricular septum?

The heart

28. The surface area of the average pair of adult human lungs would cover (a) a couple of tennis courts, (b) the football pitch at Wembley, (c) the grounds of Buckingham Palace?

(a) a couple of tennis courts (still pretty impressive when you reflect that it is tucked away neatly inside your chest)

29. What separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities?


30. What is the largest muscle in the human body?

The gluteus Maximus in the buttocks

31. What can’t you do if your cochlea malfunctions?

Hear properly (it is the working part of the ear)

32. Where in the human body is the vas deferens and what does it carry?

In the reproductive organs of the male (it is the tube which carries sperm prior to ejaculation – hence, vasectomy, the severing of this tube

33. What accounts for about 55 per cent of the volume of blood in the body?

The plasma

34. Where is the plantar fascia?

It is the large band of tissue on the underside of the foot

35. Which contains most fat, assuming equal weight: avocado, poached salmon or chickpeas?

Avocado, is exceptionally high for a fruit, with 16 per cent fat content