60 TV Quiz Questions


These TV quiz questions and answers are divided into six rounds of ten questions each. You can find the correct answers at the end of each round. Have fun!

60 Tv Quiz Questions and Answers: Round 1

1. Which Game for a Laugh presenters had the same surname?

2. Who was the subject of The Naked Civil Servant with John Hurt?

3. Which sitcom told of Tooting revolutionary Wolfie?

4. Who found fame as The Saint?

5. Who played Louie de Palma in Taxi?

6. Which spaghetti western star played in Rawhide for fix years?

7. Who conducted Eric Morecambe playing Grieg’s Piano Concerto?

8. Which reporter found fame during her reporting of the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980?

9. In which weekly drama slot was Cathy Come Home first shown?

10. Which star of The Likely Lads starred in New Tricks with Alun Armstrong?

Round 1 Answers

1. Matthew & Henry Kelly

2. Quentin Crisp

3. Citizen Smith

4. Roger Moore

5. Danny De Vito

6. Clint Eastwood

7. André Previn

8. Kate Adie

9. The Wednesday Play

10. James Bolam

TV Questions: Round 2


11. Who was the main character on The Phil Silvers Show?

12. Who became Mrs Clayton Farlow in Dallas?

13. Which series looked back at film clips 25 years old?

14. How were Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson better known?

15. Which “Carry On” regular was the star of Bless this House?

16. Who was “lower class” on The Frost Report after John Cleese and Ronnie Barker?

17. Which soap was originally called The Midland Road?

18. Which famous singer/actor’s daughter shot JR?

19. Which TV veteran narrated Planet Earth?

20. What was the surname of Morticia and Gomez?

Round 2 Answers

11. Bilko

12. Miss Ellie

13. All Our Yesterdays

14. Batman and Robin

15. Sid James

16. Ronnie Corbett

17. Crossroads

18. Bing Crosby’s (Mary)

19. David Attenborough

20. Addams

TV and Film Quiz Questions: Round 3

21. Which area of the country received TV after the area of London in 1949?

22. In which sitcom did Richard Beckinsale play Alan Moore?

23. Which series told of the bizarre life of the Clampett family?

24. Which comedian played Colin in Colin’s Sandwich?

25. Which show has numbered David Jacobs, Noel Edmonds and Rosemarie Ford among its presenters?

26. What was the BBC’s first soap of the 60s?

27. Which actor played the part of Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses?

28. The controversial Death of a Princess caused a rift with which country in 1980?

29. Who had a long-running TV show before starring in Mary Poppins?

30. Who is the only Corrie star remaining from the original cast?

Round 3 answers

21. Midlands

22. Rising Damp

23. The Beverly Hillbillies

24. Mel Smith

25. Come Dancing

26. Compact

27. Buster Merryfield

28. Saudi Arabia

29. Dick Van Dyke

30. William Roache

Round 4

31. What is the name of Peppa Pig’s younger brother?

32. What sort of Hunters with Sean Kelly started in the US and made a UK version?

33. Which Nick Berry series was set in the west country?

34. Which drink did Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee advertise singing off-key around a piano?

35. What is Betty’s culinary speciality in Coronation Street?

36. Who played writer Peter Mayle in the ill-fated series A Year in Provence?

37. Who guest-anchored Loose Women between September 2010 and June 2011?

38. Zoe Wanamaker and Robert Lindsay starred in which domestic comedy?

39. In which comedy about relationships did Jack Davenport play Steve while Gina Bellman played Jane?

40. Singer Adam Rickitt found fame in which soap?

Round 4 Answers

31. George

32. Storage Hunters

33. Harbour Lights

34. Lager

35. Hot pot

36. John Thaw

37. Cilla Black

38. My Family

39. Coupling

40. Coronation Street

Round 5

41. In Countdown, how many people occupy Dictionary Corner?

42. How long do the cooks have to cook their team members’ ingredients in Ready Steady Cook?

43. Which ex-Coronation Street actress played 1970s TV star, Coral Atkins, in Seeing Red?

44. In 2001 what momentous new purchase did Deirdre make in Coronation Street?

45. In Bargain Hunt, what sort of bargains are being hunted?

46. Which “The O.C.” character, played by Micha Baron, was killed off in series three?

47. What is the postcode of Albert Square, Walford?

48. On which show did Hear’Say shoot to stardom?

49. In Coronation Street, which character killed Charlie Stubbs?

50. In which series would the Skelthwaite Arms feature?

Round 5 Answers

41. Two

42. 20 minutes

43. Sarah Lancashire

44. Glasses

45. Antiques

46. Marissa Cooper

47. E20

48. Popstars

49. Tracy Barlow

50. Where the Heart is

Round 6

51. Which Tony played the Sheriff in Maid Marian and Her Merry Men?

52. Which comedy show was famous for its “Fork handles” sketch?

53. What was the name of Keith Harri’s duck?

54. Which Rainbow character was pink?

55. Who first hosted A Question of TV?

56. Who was the first presenter of Changing Rooms?

57. Which comedy show was famous for its “Dead Parrot” sketch?

58. How many contestants start out on the original, BBC2 version, of The Weakest Link?

59. Who won the “Best Actor – Drama” award at the 2015 Golden Globes?

60. Who first presented the interactive travel series Holiday: You Call the Shots?

Round 6 Answers

51. Robinson

52. The Two Ronnies

53. Orville

54. George

55. Gaby Roslin

56. Carol Smillie

57. Monty Python

58. Nine

59. Eddie Redmayne

60. Jamie Theakston