100 Football Quiz Questions


football quiz questions

A compilation of 100 quiz questions on football, from the Premier League to World football and World Cup. The questions are divided into ten different rounds of ten questions each. We listed the correct answers at the end of each round. A special thanks to James Mansell for sending these football questions and answers. Thank you, Jim!

Football Quiz Questions – Premier League (Round I)

  1. Which Premier League winner’s father played rugby for Wales?
  2. What year did the Premier League start?
  3. Who was the first sponsor of the Premier League?
  4. In what season did Roman Abramovich take over Chelsea?
  5. Which player holds the record for the most goals in consecutive Premier League games?
  6. Kevin Phillips won the Golden Boot in 1999/2000, who was the next English player to do so?
  7. Which player holds the record for most consecutive Premier League appearances (310)?
  8. What was significant about Mario Balotelli’s only assist in the Premier League for Manchester City?
  9. Who scored the first ‘perfect hat-trick’ (left foot, right foot, and header) in the Premier League?
  10. What player scored four goals in 12 minutes after coming on as a sub versus Nottingham Forest?

Football Quiz Questions Round I: Answers

  1. Ryan Giggs
  2. 1992
  3. Carling
  4. 2003/04
  5. Jamie Vardy
  6. Harry Kane
  7. Brad Friedel
  8. It was for Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal vs QPR
  9. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Football Questions – Premier League (Round II)

  1. Which goalkeeper has the record of 138 clean sheets for the same Premier League team?
  2. How many clubs have never been relegated from the Premier League?
  3. How many teams were in the first-ever Premier League?
  4. The lowest attendance was 3,039 in 1993 when Everton played away to which club?
  5. Which two non-English clubs have played in the Premier League?
  6. How many times has the league been renamed?
  7. Which Swede had a clause in his contract banning him from travelling into space?
  8. In 2005, Newcastle’s Lee Bowyer had an on-pitch scrap with which team-mate?
  9. For what club did Paulo Di Canio play when he pushed referee Paul Alcock?
  10. Against which team did Wayne Rooney score his Premier League first goal?

Football Questions Round II: Answers

  1. Petr Cech
  2. Six
  3. 22
  4. Wimbledon
  5. Swansea City and Cardiff City
  6. Four
  7. Stefan Schwarz
  8. Kieron Dyer
  9. Sheffield Wednesday
  10. Arsenal

Premier League Trivia – Managers (Round III)

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  1. Who was the first Premier League manager to be sacked?
  2. Who was Jose Mourinho’s first signing at Chelsea?
  3. How many times had David Moyes won the prestigious LMA Manager of the year award?
  4. Who was the first Italian manager to win the Premier League?
  5. Which manager was in charge at Manchester City when they won their first Premier League title?
  6. Who has managed Reading, Swansea and Liverpool?
  7. Which club did Glenn Hoddle join after being sacked as England manager in 1999?
  8. How many times did Sir Alex Ferguson win the Premier League Manager of the Month award?
  9. Who was the first English manager to win the Premier League Manager of the Year award?
  10. Ron Atkinson last managed which club in the Premier League?

Premier League Managers Answers

  1. Ian Porterfield
  2. Paulo Ferreira
  3. Three
  4. Carlo Ancelotti
  5. Roberto Mancini
  6. Brendan Rodgers
  7. Southampton
  8. Twenty-seven (27)
  9. Harry Redknapp
  10. Nottingham Forest

Premier League Quiz Questions – Goals (Round IV)

  1. Who scored the first-ever Premier League goal?
  2. Which England player scored in 46 different Premier League games throughout his career?
  3. Who is the only person born before 1960 to score a Premier League hat-trick?
  4. Who is the Premier League’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  5. Which team lost two games by an eight-goal margin in 2009-2010?
  6. Which player holds the record for scoring the most goals in his debut Premier League season?
  7. The highest-scoring Premier League game finished 7-4. Which two teams played?
  8. Who scored the first Premier League hat-trick?
  9. Name the player that scored the fastest Premier League hat-trick?
  10. Who was the first-ever winner of the Premier League’s Golden Boot?

Premier League Questions – Answers

  1. Brian Deane
  2. Darius Vassell
  3. Gordon Strachan
  4. Alan Shearer
  5. Wigan Athletic
  6. Kevin Phillips
  7. Portsmouth and Reading
  8. Eric Cantona
  9. Sadio Mane
  10. Teddy Sheringham

Premier League Trivia Questions – Champions and Relegation (Round V)

  1. Who went down in 1996-97 after being deducted three points?
  2. Which striker made the PFA Team of the Year in 2004-05 despite being relegated?
  3. Which team embarrassingly recorded the fewest points ever in a Premier League season?
  4. Who was the first outfield player to play every minute of the season for a Premier League title-winning side?
  5. In what season did Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ go the whole season unbeaten?
  6. Who won the first Premier League title?
  7. Which club conceded 100 goals on the way to being relegated in 1993/94?
  8. Which club were relegated in their first season in the Premier League in 1997/98?
  9. Who are the only team to have received a gold version of the Premier League trophy?
  10. How many times did Alex Ferguson win the Premier League?

Premier League Trivia Questions – Answers

  1. Middlesbrough
  2. Andy Johnson
  3. Derby County
  4. Gary Pallister
  5. 2003/04
  6. Manchester United
  7. Swindon Town
  8. Barnsley
  9. Arsenal
  10. Thirteen (13)

European Football Trivia (Round VI)

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  1. The winners of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europe League compete for which sporting trophy?
  2. Which variant of the game of football has its own UEFA Championship?
  3. “La Liga” is the name of which European country’s professional football association?
  4. The professional football association of which European country is called “Serie A”?
  5. Name the Dutch footballer who was voted “European Player of the Century” in 1999.
  6. Which French player is a record-scoring footballer for Arsenal and went on to become Assistant Manager of Belgium?
  7. Which player went through the Ajax youth system, played for Ajax and became Assistant Manager at the club in 2011?
  8. Name the Juventus goalkeeper who was the first winner of the Golden Foot Award.
  9. Who started their professional football career at Stuttgarter Kickers, became captain of the German team and then head coach of the USA team?
  10. How much did Sporting Lisbon receive for the transfer of 17 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo?

European Football Trivia Answers

  1. UEFA Super Cup
  2. Futsal
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. Johan Cruyff
  6. Thierry Henry
  7. Denis Bergkamp
  8. Gianluigi Buffon
  9. Jurgen Klinsmann
  10. £12 million, a record fee at the time for a player of his age.

European Football Trivia – Stadiums (Round VII)

European home stadiums – guess the football club.

  1. Camp Nou
  2. Signal Iduna Park (Wesfalenstadion)
  3. San Siro (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza)
  4. Parc de Princes
  5. Turk Telekom Stadium
  6. Santiago Bernabeu
  7. Estadio da Luz
  8. Amsterdam Arena
  9. Mestalla
  10. Allianz Arena

European Stadiums Answers

  1. Barcelona
  2. Borussia Dortmund
  3. AC Miland and Inter
  4. Paris Saint-Germain
  5. Galatasaray
  6. Real Madrid
  7. Benfica Lisbon
  8. Ajax
  9. Valencia
  10. Bayern Munich

World Cup Questions (Round VIII)

  1. In the 2010 World Cup final, referee Howard Webb handed out nine yellow cards to Dutch players; who got two and was sent off?
  2. Who scored the goal that enabled the Republic of Ireland to beat Italy at the 1994 World Cup finals?
  3. Which player scored a goal for Italy in the World Cup finals and also played in the Premier League?
  4. Name the player that, aged forty, was the oldest World Cup-winning captain?
  5. Which three members of the England World Cup squad from 2010 were travelling to their third World Cup tournament?
  6. Scotland had appeared eight times at the World Cup finals; how many times have they made it past the group stage?
  7. Who is the highest scorer in the World Cup finals for the Netherlands, with seven goals?
  8. Who scored the winning goal against Tunisia in the group stages of WC 2018?
  9. Which player won the World Cup Young Player award in 2018?
  10. Harry Kane was the top scorer of the World Cup 2018. Who came second?

World Cup Answers

  1. Johnny Heitinga
  2. Ray Houghton
  3. Dino Baggio
  4. Dino Zoff (Italy, 1982)
  5. David James, Ashley Cole and Joe Cole
  6. None
  7. Johnny Rep
  8. Harry Kane (scored both goals)
  9. Kylian Mbappe
  10. Antoine Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku – both with 4 goals

Golden Goals (Round IX)

football questions and answers

  1. Which Cliff set a career goals record at Arsenal?
  2. Dennis Bergkamp’s goals led which team to Euro success in 1992?
  3. Who is credited – or blamed – for bringing the shirt-over-the-head-after-scoring routine to English football?
  4. Which player of the 1950s and ’60s set up Chelsea’s record for most league goals for the club?
  5. Whose amazing Euro 96 lob knocked out Portugal?
  6. Neil Shipperley’s goals kept which side in the Premiership in 1995-96?
  7. Which German striker was known as “Der Bomber”?
  8. Steve Bloomer notched 292 League goals for which club?
  9. Who dived full-length on the pitch after his first goal for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premiership?
  10. To 20 each way, what was Dixie Dean’s Everton League goals total?

Golden Goals Answers

  1. Bastin
  2. Ajax
  3. Fabrizio Ravanelli
  4. Bobby Tambling
  5. Karel Poborsky
  6. Southampton
  7. Gerd Muller
  8. Derby County
  9. Jurgen Klinsmann
  10. 349

Hat-tricks (Round X)

  1. Who scored the only hat-trick of the Euro 2008 finals?
  2. Which 21st-century player scored a hat-trick for England in his second start?
  3. Which post-war player has scored the most hat-tricks for Arsenal with 11?
  4. Who scored a hat-trick of penalties for Brazil against Argentina in 2004?
  5. In which city did Michael Owen score his first England hat-trick?
  6. Which Man Utd player scored a hat-trick on his debut for the club in 2004?
  7. Who scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid in a 4-3 defeat to Man Utd in 203?
  8. In 2008, he scored consecutive home hat-tricks for his Premiership club. Who is he?
  9. Who scored a hat-trick for England against Jamaica in 2006?
  10. Which Spurs player scored a hat-trick in their 4-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb in 2008?

Hat-tricks Answers

  1. David Villa
  2. Theo Walcott
  3. Ian Wright
  4. Ronaldo
  5. Munich
  6. Wayne Rooney
  7. Ronaldo
  8. Fernando Torres
  9. Peter Crouch
  10. Darren Bent