45 Rugby Quiz Questions


Rugby is a physical and demanding sport that tests both your mental and physical toughness. It is a sport that requires strategy, agility, strength and speed. There are many different aspects to the game that can make it confusing for some people. These rugby quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the game. So put on your thinking cap, grab a friend (or foe), and see how well you do! You can easily reveal the correct answer with a push of a button.

45 Rugby Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which club were in the Heineken Cup finals of 2003, 2004 and 2005?


2. Which was the first team in the 90s other than Bath to win the Pilkington Cup?


3. Which two countries contest the Bledisloe Cup?

Australia, New Zealand

4. In the 1995 World Cup who were on the wrong end of an 89-0 score to Scotland?

Ivory Coast

5. What position did Sir Clive Woodward play at rugby?


6. In which decade was Fran Cotton born?

The 1940s

7. Which country did Grant Fox play for?

New Zealand

8. Gareth Thomas and which player captained Wales to 2005 Six Nations glory?

Michael Owen

9. What was Martin Offiah’s first League side?


10. Which player – a Frenchman – became the first to win 100 caps?

Phillippe Sella

11. Which Belfast-born solicitor went on five British Lions tours?

Mike Gibson

12. Which Nick captained Australia from 1984 to 1992?


13. How many teams took part in the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup?


14. Where do St Helens play?

Knowsley Road

15. The Ranfurly Shield is contested in which country?

New Zealand

16. Which Australian was the first to score 60 tries in international rugby?

David Campese

17. Who was the first Englishman to reach 750 points in major internationals?

Jonny Wilkinson

18. Who was the first English player to play in 50 internationals?

Rory Underwood

19. Which country in 1995 asked to increase the number of teams in the Five Nations Cup?


20. Which colours do Bath play in?

Blue, black and white

21. Which Welsh Union player was a regular captain on A Question of Sport?

Gareth Edwards

22. In which part of London did the London Broncos start out?


23. Who won the Man of Steel in 1996 and 2004?

Andy Farrell

24. For which side did Brian Bevan score 740 tries in 620 matches?


25. What were Bradford before they were Bulls?


26. Who retired as Scottish captain after the 1995 World Cup?

Gavin Hastings

27. Who was Wigan’s leading try scorer in the 1994/95 season?

Martin Offiah

28. Where would you watch Rhinos playing rugby?


29. Paul Sackey was at which club when he first won a cap, aged 27?


30. Which international side has the shortest name?


31. Who are the two sides in the Varsity Match?

Oxford University and Cambridge University

32. Which rugby team plays its home games at Welford Road?


33. Who was the leading try scorer in the 1995 rugby union World Cup?

Jonah Lomu

34. In 1998 what colour cards were substituted for yellow ones?


35. Who joined Leeds in 1991 after playing on the other side of the Pennines since 1984?

Ellery Hanley

36. What did Bath Football Club change its name to in the mid-90s?

Bath Rugby Club

37. Who was the first non-white Springbok, before the end of apartheid?

Errol Tobias

38. Which rugby side added Warriors to its name?


39. In which decade was Rugby Union last played in the Olympics?

The 1920s

40. How old was Will Carling when he was first made England captain?


41. Who played a record-breaking 69 times at fly half for England between 1985 and 1995?

Rob Andrew

42. In 1980 who led England to their first Grand Slam in 23 years?

Bill Beaumont

43. Where is the annual Varsity match played?


44. How many years had Wigan’s unbeaten run in the FA Challenge Cup lasted when it ended in 1996?


45. Whom did Martin Offiah play for in his first years as a League player?



We hope you enjoyed these rugby quiz questions and answers. With questions ranging from basic rules and regulations to more complex topics such as player positions and scoring systems, this rugby pub quiz had something for everyone. How would you rate your rugby knowledge?