100 Sports Quiz Questions


These sports quiz questions and answers are divided into seven different rounds: record breakers, football, golf, cricket, boxing, horse racing and Olympic games. You can find the correct answers either with a click of a button or at the end of each round. Have fun!

Sports Quiz Questions and Answers

Round 1: Record Breakers

1. Mark Spitz won seven Olympic golds at record speeds doing what?


2. Which South American football team has won the most World Cups?


3. How many seasons did Alan Shearer play for Newcastle – 3,6, or 10?

10 years

4. Lyn Davies broke the British record in which jump event?

Long jump

5. David Campese was leading try scorer for which country?


6. Which Sally was a world record hurdler and 1992 Olympic champion?


7. Who was made England’s youngest ever football coach in 1996?

Glenn Hoddle

8. Did Roger Bannister run the first four-minute mile in Oxford or Cambridge?


9. Was Marina Hingis 13,15 or 17 when she first won Wimbledon doubles?


10. Who was the first Rugby Union player to win 100 England caps?

Jason Leonard

11. Which Nigel was the first to win both F1 and Indy Car world championships?


12. Which record-breaker Sebastian went on to become a Tory MP?


13. Which Tony made the first televised hole in one in Britain?


14. Who won the 100m in Seoul in record time before being disqualified?

Ben Johnson

15. Which Steve was six times World Snooker Champion in the 1980s?


16. For which former Iron Curtain country did Marita Koch break records?

East Germany

17. Jerry Rice set a career touchdown record in which sport?

American football

18. How many events were in Daley Thompson’s speciality event?


19. Which Pete equalled Borg’s five Wimbledon singles wins in 1998?


20. Which Gareth became Wales’s youngest ever Rugby captain in 1968?


Sports Questions Round 2: Football

sports quiz questions and answers

  1. Which all-time-great was one of the two players to receive a red card when the system was first introduced in 1976?
  2. Who scored both goals in the final as Manchester United lifted Alex Ferguson’s first European trophy in 1991?
  3. Who was banned from European fixtures for headbutting Tottenham coach Joe Jordan in a heated Champions League fixture in 2011?
  4. For which five Premier League clubs have Nicolas Anelka plied his trade?
  5. Who won two FA Cups at the beginning of the last century, winning the two matches by an aggregate score of 10-0?
  6. Which Scottish side joined the Scottish League in 2002, Climber quickly to the Scottish Premier League, reached the Scottish Cup final, then went into liquidation when their sugar daddy withdrew support?
  7. Who was the first non-Premier League side for twenty-three years to knock Manchester United out of the FA Cup in 2010?
  8. With which Dutch club was Ruud Gullit playing before his move to AC Milan in 1987?
  9. Who captained the Wales side against England, aged only twenty in 2011?
  10. Who are the top two scorers in the history of the SPL?
  11. Who did Wales appoint as their manager in January 2018?
  12. Which city has teams called Wednesday and United?
  13. What name is shared by Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester?
  14. Hears and Hibs come from which Scottish city?
  15. Can a goalkeeper score a goal for his own team?

Football Round Answers

  1. George Best
  2. Mark Hughes
  3. Gennaro Gattuso of Milan
  4. Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea
  5. Bury – they beat Southampton 4-0 in 1900 and then Derby 6-0 five years later
  6. Gretna
  7. Leeds United
  8. PSV Eindhoven
  9. Aaron Ramsey
  10. Kris Boyd and Henrik Larsson
  11. Ryan Giggs
  12. Sheffield
  13. City
  14. Edinburgh
  15. Yes

Round 3: Golf

  1. Which three British golfers all hit the world no. 1 spot in 2011 or 2012?
  2. Who, in 2011, became the all-time leading points scorer in the Solheim Cup?
  3. Which Australian golfer won five Open Championships between 1954 and 1965?
  4. Who, in 1969, was the first British winner of the Open Championship for eighteen years?
  5. Who was the youngest when they won their first Major: Steve, Tiger or Rory?
  6. What is the common name given to the championship golf course known formally as the Royal Liverpool Golf Club?
  7. Who was the first British player to win both the Open Championship and the US Open?
  8. A matchplay contest between the Big Easy and Boom Boom; who would we be watching?
  9. At what age is a player permitted to join the Seniors Tour?
  10. Which European player holds the record for most Ryder Cup appearances and most points earned?
  11. Who ended a run of 73 majors without a win by claiming the Masters at Augusta in 2017?
  12. Who is nicknamed “The Great White Shark”?
  13. What is the maximum number of clubs permitted in a golf bag?
  14. In stroke play, what is the penalty for playing the wrong ball?
  15. Which is the oldest golf club in England?

Golf Round Answers

  1. Luke Donald, Rory Mcllroy and Lee Westwood
  2. Laura Davies
  3. Peter Thomson
  4. Tony Jacklin
  5. Tiger Woods was twenty-one and three months
  6. Hoylake
  7. Harry Vardon
  8. Ernie Els and Fred Couples
  9. Fifty
  10. Nick Faldo
  11. Sergio Garcia
  12. Greg Norman
  13. 14
  14. Two strokes
  15. Royal Blackheath, Kent

Round 4: Cricket

sports quiz

  1. What was Geoff Allott’s ‘achievement’ whilst playing for New Zealand against South Africa in 1999?
  2. Who scored 364 for England against Australia in 1938, an individual test match record that stood for twenty years?
  3. Who broke the record against Pakistan in 1958?
  4. Brian Lara made his two highest scores (400 not out and 375) against the same team on the same ground. Which team and which ground?
  5. Who was the youngest English player to score a test century?
  6. Which England captain once walked out to bat but forgot to take his bat with him?
  7. In which city is the Wankhede Stadium?
  8. Which pair put on a massive fifth-wicket partnership to turn round a test match against Australia in 2001, winning the game after following on 274 runs behind?
  9. Who scored 167 not out, England’s highest ever individual one-day score, against Australia in a one-day international in 1993?
  10. Which Indian batsman became the first player to pass 10,000 runs in test cricket in 1987?
  11. In LBW, what does the B stand for?
  12. The Nursery End, the Pavilion End and St John’s Wood Road are all linked with which ground?
  13. In which country would you find Eden Gardens cricket stadium?
  14. How many runs are scored in a maiden over?
  15. In scoring, what does c & b stand for?

Cricket Round Answers

  1. The slowest (seventy-seven balls) nought in test match history
  2. Len Hutton
  3. Gary Sobers
  4. England – St. John’s, Antigua
  5. Denis Compton, aged twenty in 1938
  6. Bob Willis
  7. Mumbai, India
  8. V.V.S. Laxman and Rahul Dravid
  9. Robin Smith
  10. Sunil Gavaskar
  11. Before
  12. Lord’s
  13. India
  14. None
  15. Caught and bowled

Sports Quiz Questions Round 5: Boxing

  1. Which boxing trainer, who died in 2012, trained a record forty-one world champion fighters?
  2. Who beat Lennox Lewis in 1994, a fight which caused Lewis to re-evaluate his career and step on to become world champion?
  3. Who, in 1956, was the youngest fighter to become heavyweight champion of the world?
  4. Who beat John L. Sullivan to win the world heavyweight championship in 1892?
  5. Which middleweight boxer was imprisoned in 1966 on a questionable charge of murder?
  6. Which heavyweight boxer broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw in a 1973 fight in San Diego?
  7. What is the name of Rocky’s trainer in the Rocky movies?
  8. By what nickname was Thomas Hearns most commonly known in boxing circles?
  9. Which great boxer did Sugar Ray Leonard defeat in 1987 to win the world middleweight title after a three-and-a-half year retirement?
  10. How many rounds did Mike Tyson take to finish off Frank Bruno in Las Vegas in 1989?

Boxing Round Answers

  1. Manny Steward
  2. Oliver McCall
  3. Floyd Paterson
  4. ‘Gentleman’ Jim Corbett
  5. Rubin Carter
  6. Ken Norton
  7. Mickey Goldmill
  8. ‘The Hitman’ Hearns
  9. Marvin Hagler
  10. Five

Sports Quiz Round 6: Horse Racing 

sports questions and answers

  1. Which jockey earned his first Derby win aged thirty-six aboard Authorized in 2007?
  2. Who was the first amateur rider for thirty years to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup when he rode Long Run to victory in 2011?
  3. The 1,000 Guineas and the Oaks are open exclusively to which kind of horse?
  4. What race is the highlight of the French racing season in October?
  5. Who won his first Grand National aboard Don’t Push It in 2010?
  6. Which Paddy Mullins trained horse, the best mare in jump-racing history, won the Champion Hurdle in 1984 and the Gold Cup in 1986, a unique double?
  7. What first was achieved by the jokey of the third-placed horse, Seabass, at the 2012 Grand National?
  8. Which 2012 Gold Cup winner was killed at the Grand National the following month, renewing calls for increased safety or the abandonment of the race?
  9. Which durable horse entered six Grand Nationals, finishing five, including a win in 1986, a second place in 1989 and two fourths?
  10. In which city is Churchill Downs racecourse and what famous race is held there each year?
  11. Which is the oldest British flat classic race?
  12. Where did Britain’s first evening meeting take place?
  13. Who rode Henbit, Nashwan and Erhaab to Derby victories?
  14. Who was the first woman to ride a winner over fences in Britain?
  15. Which was the first racecourse equipped with a photo-finish camera?

Horse Racing Round Answers

  1. Frankie Dettori
  2. Sam Waley-Cohen
  3. Three-year-old horses
  4. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe
  5. A.P. McCoy
  6. Dawn Run
  7. She was Katie Walsh, the first female jockey to ride a placed horse in the race
  8. Synchronised
  9. West Tip
  10. Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby
  11. St Leger
  12. Hamilton
  13. Willie Carson
  14. Jane Thorne
  15. Epsom

Round 7: Olympic Games

  1. Who coached the Great Britain men’s and women’s football teams at the 2012 Olympics?
  2. Prior to Usain Bolt, who was the last man to win the sprint double of 100 metres and 200 metres?
  3. Which was the first Olympic Games attended by the Soviet Union as a communist power?
  4. At the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games, the teams parade in alphabetical order (in the language of the host nation), with which two exceptions?
  5. What new feature of the Games in Mexico City in 1968 resulted in the withdrawal of many high-profile athletes?
  6. Johnny Weissmuller, who would later play Tarzan in Hollywood movies, won six Olympic medals: five swimming golds and a bronze in which other disciplines?
  7. In 1980 sixty-two countries boycotted the Moscow Olympics in protest at what action by the Soviet government?
  8. Who won the Olympic pentathlon and decathlon in 1912, only to be stripped of the medals for playing a season of semi-pro baseball?
  9. in 1976, which Great Britain swimmer broke an American monopoly in the men’s swimming events?
  10. Who is the only Great Britain athlete to have won an Olympic medal in any of the three long-distance races for women: 5,000 metres, 10,000 metres and marathon?

Olympic Games Round Answers

  1. Stuart Pearce and Hope Powell
  2. Carl Lewis
  3. 1952, Helsinki
  4. Greece – who always goes first in honour of their contribution to the Olympic movement and the host nation, who come out last so they don’t steal attention from the others.
  5. Systematic drug testing
  6. Water Polo
  7. Invasion of Afghanistan
  8. Jim Thorpe (the IOC restored his medals in 1983, thirty years after his death)
  9. David Wilkie in the 200 metres breaststroke
  10. Liz McColgan, silver in the 10,000 metres in 1988