60 Scotland Quiz Questions


These Scottish quiz questions and answers are divided into four different rounds, the last one being multiple choice. Enjoy!

Scotland Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Edradour is the smallest what in Scotland?


2. Which famous Scottish writer lived at Abbotsford by the Tweed?

Sir Walter Scott

3. In which direction from Edinburgh do the Pentland Hills lie?


4. What is Berwick Law?

Extinct volcano

5. What is the Bass Rock famous as?

Bird sanctuary

6. Which cathedral is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh?

St Giles Cathedral

7. Rothesay is the chief town of which island?


8. What is at the foot of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh?

Holyrood House

9. Which city is at the mouth of rivers Don and Dee?


10. What is produced at Torness?

Nuclear Power

11. How many bridges are there over the Firth of Forth?


12. What lies between Charlotte Square and St Andrew’s Square?

Princes Street

13. Where was the childhood home of the Queen Mother?

Glamis Castle

14. What is the industrial area in and around Livingston nicknamed?

Silicon Glen

15. Which canal links the lochs of the Great Glen?

Caledonian Canal

Scottish Quiz Questions: Round 2

scotland quiz questions and answers

16. Which historic island is off the southwest tip of the Isle of Mull?


17. What is the name of Edinburgh’s stadium where the Commonwealth Games have been held?


18. Which rail bridge is the longest in Europe?

Tay Bridge

19. Which famous whisky is made at Blair Athol?


20. Which baronial castle is the seat of the only British subject allowed to maintain his own private army?

Blair Castle

21. What is the most famous cave on Staffa?

Fingal’s Cave

22. Which place was once the site of a famous coronation stone?

Scone Palace

23. Which loch contains the largest volume of fresh water in the British Isles?

Loch Ness

24. Which city is often called the Fair City?


25. Leanach farmhouse can be seen on which moorland field of battle?


26. On which river does Balmoral stand?


27. Remains of what type of building are at Kelso and Jedburgh?


28. What type of village can be seen at Skara Brae?

Stone Age

29. Which loch is the largest stretch of inland water in Britain?

Loch Lomond

30. Where is Scotland’s largest malt whisky distillery?


Scotland Quiz: Round 3

scottish quiz questions and answers

31. Is Dundee on the east or west coast of Scotland?


32. Which is the most northerly point on the British mainland?

John o’Groat’s

33. Which city is Scotland’s capital?


34. Are Scottish banknotes legal tender in England?


35. Who built a wall to divide Scotland from England?


36. Where is the Royal and Ancient Golf Club?

St Andrews

37. The name of which Scottish product means “water of life”?


38. Where is the Queen’s Scottish residence?


39. What is the name of the Games held at Braemar?

Highland Games

40. Which sport is Aviemore particularly famous for?


41. What does the word “loch” mean?


42. What is Scotland’s highest mountain?

Ben Nevis

43. Which city gives its name to a rich fruit cake?


44. Which city shares its name with a city in Australia?


45. Which river in the Borders gives its name to a woollen fabric?


46. Which sea is to the east of the Scottish mainland?

North Sea

47. What is a glen?


48. In which city is Hampden Park Stadium?


49. Which is further north, Edinburgh or Dundee?


50. Who is Scotland’s patron saint?

St Andrew

Round 4: Multiple Choice 

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