30 Celebrity Quiz Questions


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Celebrity Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Whose engagement to Jude Law was an on and off event in 2005?

Sienna Miller’s

2. Which Pete hit the headlines with Kate Moss in 2005?


3. Which language other than English does Ulrika Jonsson speak?


4. Who is the daughter of the veteran broadcaster Clive Roslin?

Gaby Roslin

5. Royals Albert, Caroline and Stephanie are from which principality?


6. Which Peter did Jordan marry in 2005?


7. Which Swedish Britt was married to Peter Sellers?


8. Faria Alam’s industrial tribunal re unfair dismissal involved which Association’s HQ?

Football Association

9. Which controversial footballer married Sheryl Failes?


10. Of Paula Yates and Bob Geldof’s three children, how many are boys?


11. What is the first name of the publicist Mr Clifford?


12. To whom did Eva Herzigova most famously say hello?

Boys – in a Wonderbra ad

13. Which Ellen was made the youngest ever Dame in February 2005?

Ellen MacArthur

14. What is the first name of the flamboyant fashion designer Ms Rhodes?


15. Who launched her perfume Fantasy days after the birth of her first child Sean Preston?

Britney Spears

16. Which quintet first advertised Pepsi in mid-1997?

The Spice Girls

17. Brooke Shields and Tatum O’Neal both married which type of sporting stars?


18. What is the nationality of the fashion designer Kenzo?


19. Who designed Liz Hurley’s infamous “safety pin” dress?


20. Which model Marie was married to the photographer David Bailey?


21. Who was Europe’s longest-serving monarch until his death in April 2005?

Prince Rainier of Monaco

22. In which US state did Michael Jackson go on trial in 2005?


23. What was the designer Laura Mountney’s married and business name?

Laura Ashley

24. Which political interviewer David is married to the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk?


25. What is the first name of Prince William and Harry’s step-sister?


26. Coleen McLoughlin’s name has been linked to which exManchester United star?

Wayne Rooney

27. Which English actor was arrested in Hollywood in a Divine situation?

Hugh Grant

28. What is Sir Terence Conran’s designer son called?


29. Which Oscar-winning actress has children called Dylan and Carys?

Catherine Zeta Jones

30. Andrew Morton became a celebrity due to a biography of whom?

Princess of Wales

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