69 Musicals Quiz Questions


How well do you know your musicals? Whether you’re a seasoned theatre-goer or just enjoy a good soundtrack, take on these musical quiz questions to find out how much you really know about the world of musical theatre! From classic shows like The Sound of Music and Les Misérables to more recent productions, we’ve got questions on all the biggest and best musicals. So put on your thinking cap and get ready to test your knowledge on this musical pub quiz!

Musical Quiz Questions and Answers

1. T-Rex’s “Children of the Revolution” featured in which movie?

Moulin Rouge

2. In which musical do Tracy Lord and CK Dexter Haven appear?

High Society

3. In which musical is “The Duelling Cavalier” a film in the making?

Singing in the Rain

4. Who sings “As Long As He Needs Me” in “Oliver!”?


5. Who directed “A Chorus Line”?

Richard Attenborough

6. Which singer – famous for dubbing other actresses’ voices – played Sister Sophia in “The Sound of Music”?

Marni Nixon

7. What was the follow-up to “Saturday Night Fever” called?

Staying Alive

8. Who played Carlotta in the film “Phantom of the Opera”?

Minnie Driver

9. What was the job of Joel Grey’s character in “Cabaret”?

Master of Ceremonies

10. Which musical was based on a Harold Gray comic strip?


11. What instrument does Robert de Niro play in “New York New York”?


12. Which musical does “The Ugly Duckling” come from?

Hans Christian Andersen

13. Who sang “Moon River” in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

Audrey Hepburn

14. Which song in “Evita” was composed specially for the film?

“You Must Love Me”

15. How many Von Trapp children are there in “The Sound of Music”?


16. “Hopelessly Devoted to You” is sung in which movie?


17. Who are the two gangs in “West Side Story”?

Jets, Sharks

18. Which character did Liza Minnelli play in “Cabaret”?

Sally Bowles

19. Which movie musical has the song “Feed the Birds”?

Mary Poppins

20. Who played Mama Rose in the 1993 movie “Gypsy”?

Bette Midler

21. Which two musical legends starred in “Easter Parade”?

Fred Astaire, Judy Garland

22. “Shall We Dance” features in which movie?

The King and I

23. What was Stanley Holloway’s role in “My Fair Lady”?

Alfred P. Doolittle

24. In which film does Fat Sam fight it out with Dandy Dan?

Bugsy Malone

25. “The Bare Necessities” come from which film?

Jungle Book

26. In which film did Gordon Macrae play Billy Bigelow after Frank Sinatra dropped out?


27. Who played opposite Ewan McGregor in “Moulin Rouge”?

Nicole Kidman

28. Which actress was I in “The King and I”?

Deborah Kerr

29. In which musical would you see Lina Lamont?

Singing in the Rain

30. Which musical movie features “The Cell Block Tango”?


31. In The Wizard of Oz, what was the name of Dorothy’s dog?


32. Who wrote the short stories about New York characters that provided the basis for the musical Guys and Dolls?

Damon Runyon

33. Which musical was loosely based upon the life of a real-life sharpshooting cowgirl?

Annie Get Your Gun (based on the life of Annie Oakley)

34. What is the name of the nightclub singer who is the central character in Cabaret?

Sally Bowles

35. Which musical is based in an imaginary village in the Scottish highlands that comes to life for just one day every hundred years?


36. Which film musical set in the Black Hills of Dakota during the Gold Rush starred Doris Day?

Calamity Jane

37. Who is the main male character in the musical Carousel?

Billy Bigelow

38. Which stage musical by Joan Littlewood featured songs from World War I?

Oh, What a Lovely War!

39. Which film was the musical High Society based on?

The Philadelphia Story

40. From which musical comes the song “My name is Tallulah”?

Bugsy Malone

41. The song “Memory” comes from which musical?


42. Which John starred in the film “Grease”?


43. Which Michael had a hit with “Music of the Night”?


44. Who sang with Elaine Paige on the single “I Know Him So Well”?

Barbara Dickson

45. Which musical did the song come from?


46. Which musical about a magical nanny is based on a film with Julie Andrews?

Mary Poppins

47. The song “Springtime for Hitler” comes from which musical?

The Producers

48. In the film “Evita”, who sang “You Must Love Me”?


49. Philip Schofield and Jason Donovan have played which biblical character?


50. In which song are the words, “I kept my promise, Don’t keep your distance”?

“Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”

51. Which musical features Danny and Sandy in the rock’n’roll 50s?


52. Tim Rice and writers from which supergroup wrote “Chess”?


53. Which Antonio featured in the film “Evita”?


54. Who starred in the 60s film “Summer Holiday”?

Cliff Richard

55. Who provided the music for “Cats”?

Andrew Lloyd Webber

56. Which Pete wrote the rock opera “Tommy”?


57. Who wrote the lyrics for “Jesus Christ Superstar”?

Tim Rice

58. What word describes Joseph’s Dreamcoat?


59. The hit musical “Mamma Mia” is based on the music of which pop group?


60. Which Victor Hugo novel became a musical?

Les Misérables

61. Which stage musical is set in the Paris Opera House?

Phantom of the Opera

62. Which Orchestra feature on the No. 1 hit “Xanadu”?

Electric Light Orchestra

63. Which type of Nights are in the title of a No. 1 single from “Grease”?


64. In which musical does the character Norma Desmond appear?

Sunset Boulevard

65. Who had a UK No. 1 with “Any Dream Will Do”?

Jason Donovan

66. Which Elaine played Grizabella the Glamour Cat?


67. Which Cockney David played Che on stage in “Evita”?


68. Which musical does the song “Cabaret” come from?


69. Which Michael first starred in “Aspects of Love”?



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