30 Soaps Quiz Questions


These soaps quiz questions are going to test how much you actually know about your favourite tv shows. It starts with a multiple-choice round, then continues with twenty questions and answers. Have fun!

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Soaps Quiz: Round 2

1. Which soap features the unlikely named character Mercedes McQueen?


2. What was Coronation Street originally going to be called?

Florizel Street

3. What was the name of Joan Collins’ character in Dynasty?

Alexis Carrington

4. The Hart family appeared in which daily soap?

Family Affairs

5. Which ex-husband of Joan Collins appeared on EastEnders?

Anthony Newley

6. Who played mechanic Chris in Coronation Street and left to pursue a pop career?

Matthew Marsden

7. Which Corrie star produced a fitness video called Rapid Results?

Beverley Callard

8. In Coronation Street, what is Spider’s real name?


9. In which soap was Shane and Angel an item?

Home and Away

10. How did Kathu Glover’s husband die in Emmerdale?

In a fire

Soaps Quiz Questions and Answers: Round 3

11. In Coronation Street what was Fiona’s baby called?


12. Where did Kathy Mitchell go when she left Albert Square?

South Africa

13. Which bad boy Billy was played by David Crellin?

Billy Hopwood

14. Who did Danii Minogue play in Home & Away?


15. Which Kemp joined Ross Kemp on the EastEnders cast?


16. In Corrie which of the Battersby girls is Janice’s daughter?


17. Which Kim disappeared from Emmerdale and was thought to have been murdered?


18. Which soap did Silent Witness star Amanda Burton appear in?


19. Which TV company first produced Emmerdale Farm?

Yorkshire TV

20. Which role did Norman Bowler play in Emmerdale?

Frank Tate