120 Kids Quiz Questions


This article is composed of 120 kids quiz questions and answers divided into 12 different rounds of 10 questions each. The last two rounds are multiple choice and you can find the correct answers at the end of each round. Have fun!

Kids Quiz Questions: 1st Round

  1. What sort of creature is a dingo?
  2. In which country is the Taj Mahal?
  3. Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
  4. What are the names of Harry Potter’s parents?
  5. What are the four oceans called?
  6. Which language is spoken in Australia?
  7. What is the name of the tree that produces acorns?
  8. What is a baby kangaroo called?
  9. How many sides does a hexagon have?
  10. How many strings does a violin have?

Round I Answers

  1. A wild dog
  2. India
  3. Neil Armstrong
  4. James and Lily
  5. Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific
  6. English
  7. Oak
  8. Joey
  9. Six
  10. Four

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Quiz Questions For Kids: 2nd Round

  1. What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?
  2. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  3. Which fairy tale character slept for 100 years?
  4. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which country?
  5. In the nursery rhyme, who ‘kissed the girls and made them cry’?
  6. What sort of animal is the video game character Sonic?
  7. In which forest do Robin Hood and his Merry Men live?
  8. Helsinki is the capital city of which country?
  9. How many pockets does a snooker table have?
  10. On which continent is India located?

Round II Answers

  1. Ben Nevis
  2. Wellington
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. Australia
  5. Georgie Porgie
  6. Hedgehog
  7. Sherwood
  8. Finland
  9. Six
  10. Asia

General Knowledge Quiz for Kids: 3rd Round

  1. What is the name given to an animal that only eats plants?
  2. In which year did the Second World War end?
  3. What is Dr Who’s time machine called?
  4. What is the name of the organ that pumps blood around the body?
  5. What two colours make up the flag of Spain?
  6. How many hours are there in two days?
  7. In “The Jungle Book”, what kind of animal is Baloo?
  8. What is the name of the tree that produces conkers?
  9. What kind of food is pawpaw?
  10. What is a baby goat called?

Round III Answers

  1. Herbivore
  2. 1945
  4. Heart
  5. Red and yellow
  6. 48
  7. Bear
  8. Horse chestnut
  9. Fruit
  10. Kid

General Knowledge Questions For Kids: 4th Round

  1. What colour are sapphires?
  2. What is the coloured part of the eye that surrounds the pupil?
  3. In which country are the Pyramids of Giza?
  4. How many teeth should an adult have including their wisdom teeth?
  5. What are the three primary colours?
  6. What are the two longest rivers in the world?
  7. Of which country is Brusells the capital?
  8. What is a group of kangaroos called?
  9. Which famous building did Guy Fawkes try to blow up?
  10. What is the smallest ocean in the world?

Round IV Answers

  1. Blue
  2. Iris
  3. Egypt
  4. 32
  5. Blue, red and yellow
  6. Amazon and the Nile
  7. Belgium
  8. Mob
  9. The Houses of Parliament
  10. Arctic

Kids General Knowledge Questions: 5th Round

  1. How many years are there in a millennium?
  2. What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl?
  3. What is the largest planet in the solar system?
  4. What is the name of the mammoth in the Ice Age films?
  5. Which artist painted the Mona Lisa?
  6. What is the official residence of the President of the United States?
  7. How many days are there in June?
  8. What is the name of the Snowman in the film “Frozen”?
  9. What colour is the centre of the target in archery?
  10. What is a female swan called?

Round V Answers

  1. 1000
  2. Hedwig
  3. Jupiter
  4. Manny
  5. Leonardo da Vinci
  6. The White House
  7. 30 days
  8. Olaf
  9. Gold
  10. Pen

General Knowledge Quiz for Children: 6th Round

  1. What instrument does a doctor use to learn if a person has a fever?
  2. What does a botanist study?
  3. What is the person who carriers a golfer’s bag of clubs called?
  4. In the movie “The Lion King”, what kind of animal is Timon?
  5. What is the third planet from the sun?
  6. Which of the seven dwarfs was beardless?
  7. In which country did Joan of Arc lead an army?
  8. What does a carnivore eat?
  9. Which ocean is frozen for most of the year?
  10. What is the centre of a hurricane called?

Round VI Answers

  1. Thermometer
  2. Plants
  3. Caddy
  4. Meerkat
  5. Earth
  6. Dopey
  7. France
  8. Meat
  9. Arctic
  10. Eye

Children Quiz Questions: 7th Round

  1. In which sport was Muhammad Ali a world champion?
  2. What is the name of the lion in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”?
  3. In which country is the Sphinx located?
  4. Which chess piece can only move diagonally?
  5. What colour belt are martial arts experts entitled to wear?
  6. In the film “Stuart Little”, what kind of animal is Stuart?
  7. What kind of creature is a Komodo dragon?
  8. What name is given to someone who studies the stars?
  9. What is the name of the invisible line that runs around the middle of the Earth?
  10. Which word can go before ache, brush and paste to make three other words?

Round VII Answers

  1. Boxing
  2. Asland
  3. Egypt
  4. Bishop
  5. Black
  6. Mouse
  7. Lizard
  8. Astronomer
  9. Equator
  10. Tooth

General Knowledge for Kids: 8th Round

  1. What magical item does Alladin use to fly on?
  2. Of what African country was Nelson Mandela president?
  3. What are the colours of the five Olympic rings?
  4. What do tadpoles turn into?
  5. Which is the largest ocean in the world?
  6. In which Australian city is the Opera House?
  7. What is the name of the plumber who features in several video games?
  8. What is the largest country in Scandinavia?
  9. What is the name of Peter Pan’s pirate enemy?
  10. Which planet is closest to the sun?

Round VIII Answers

  1. Carpet
  2. South Africa
  3. Blue, black, green, red, and yellow
  4. Frogs
  5. Pacific
  6. Sydney
  7. Mario
  8. Sweden
  9. Captain Hook
  10. Mercury

Kids Quiz: 9th Round

  1. Which planet has a ring of rocks and ice?
  2. On which continent is the South Pole?
  3. What term is used in tennis for 40-40?
  4. Can an ostrich fly?
  5. What is the fiery liquid that flows from a volcano?
  6. In the nursery rhyme who lost her sheep?
  7. What is the name of the nanny played by Emma Thompson on film?
  8. How many planets are there in the Solar System?
  9. What type of animal is Bullseye in the “Toy Story” films?
  10. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue?

Round IX Answers

  1. Saturn
  2. Antarctica
  3. Deuce
  4. No
  5. Lava
  6. Little Bo Peep
  7. Nanny McPhee
  8. 8
  9. Horse
  10. Blue

Children Quiz: 10th Round

  1. On which continent is the country of Brazil?
  2. What is a baby seal called?
  3. What is the name of the main fairy in “Peter Pan”?
  4. In “Finding Nemo”, what is Nemo’s dad called?
  5. What is the name of the hero in “The Lion King”?
  6. What type of animal is a Labrador?
  7. Buenos Aires is the capital city of which country?
  8. What type of bird is a pintail?
  9. What is the longest snake in the world?
  10. Which sport is played with a shuttlecock?

Round X Answers

  1. South America
  2. Pup
  3. Tinkerbell
  4. Marlin
  5. Simba
  6. Dog
  7. Argentina
  8. Duck
  9. Python
  10. Badminton

Multiple Choice Kids Quiz: 11th Round

1. Which bird lives in a rookery?

a) Owl
b) Penguin
c) Rook

2. What is Harry Potter’s middle name?

a) Arthur
b) James
c) Jack

3. What type of food do penguins eat?

a) Vegetables
b) Fruit
c) Fish

4. By area, which is the largest state in the USA?

a) California
b) Alaska
c) Texas

5. Where is the smallest bone in the human body?

a) In the ear
b) In the foot
c) In the nose

6. Which of Snow White’s seven dwarfs wear glasses?

a) Doc
b) Sleepy
c) Bashful

7. Which is the largest desert in the world?

a) Sahara
b) Gobi
c) Arctic

8. In Great Britain in which month does the longest day occur?

a) July
b) August
c) June

9. What was Beethoven’s first name?

a) Ludwig
b) Amadeus
c) Henry

10. In which country is the Louvre Museum?

a) France
b) Italy
c) Spain

Round 11 Answers

  1. b) Penguin
  2. b) James
  3. b) Fish
  4. b) Alaska
  5. a) In the ear
  6. a) Doc
  7. a) Sahara
  8. c) June
  9. a) Ludwig
  10. a) France

Multiple Choice General Knowledge Quiz for Kids: 12th Round

1.Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the Twins?

a) Aries
b) Gemini
c) Sagittarius

2. What word is used to describe a group of ants?

a) Hill
b) Crush
c) Colony

3. From which flower is vanilla extracted?

a) Orchid
b) Daffodil
c) Marigold

4. Zorro is Spanish for which animal?

a) Fox
b) Zebra
c) Badger

5. How many kidneys does an average human have?

a) One
b) Two
c) Four

6. Which bird lays the largest eggs?

a) Ostrich
b) Goose
c) Cow

7. Which fabric is made by worms?

a) Silk
b) Cotton
c) Nylon

8. What is the wife of a duke called?

a) Lady
b) Duchess
c) Princess

9. What does a cartographer make?

a) Carts
b) Maps
c) Wheels

10. How many sheets of paper are there in a ream?

a) 500
b) 250
c) 100

Round 12 Answers

  1. b) Gemini
  2. c) Colony
  3. a) Orchid
  4. a) Fox
  5. b) Two
  6. a) Ostrich
  7. a) Silk
  8. b) Duchess
  9. b) Maps
  10. a) 500