40 Christmas Food Quiz Questions


Do you know your Christmas food?

Test your knowledge on these Christmas food quiz questions and answers. From popular meals to vegetarian alternatives and traditions, we’ll see how much you really know about the festive feast.


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Popular Christmas Meals and Food Items

1. What is a typical pie you have for Christmas?

A: Mince pie

2. You can combine sprouts and bacon for a mouthwatering Christmas treat. But how many varieties of sprouts are there?

A: 110

3. What is the traditional meat course for Christmas dinner?

A: Turkey

4. What was the traditional Christmas dinner in England before turkey?

A: Pig’s head smothered in mustard
5. What is the rich sweet bread Christmas speciality in Lyon?

A: Couronne

6. What sauce do you typically have on your Christmas pudding?

A: Brandy sauce

7. What sweet biscuits do children typically leave Santa?

A: Gingerbread cookies

8. What is a traditional food item made from bacon-covered sausages?

A: Pigs in blankets

9. What are pigs in blankets called in Scotland?

A: Kilted sausages or kilted soldiers

10. With what flower buds do you decorate a Christmas Ham Joint?

A: Cloves

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Vegetarian Meals, Sweets, and Drinks

christmas food quiz

1. What is the vegetarian alternative to the Christmas turkey dinner?

A: Nutroast

2. What is Panettone?

A: The traditional Italian Christmas cake

3. What is the famous red and white Christmas candy?

A: Candy cane

4. Which fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas stocking?

A: An orange or a clementine

5. You leave gingerbread cookies for Santa, but what do you leave for his reindeers?

A: Carrots

6. Where do you put Choux pastry?

A: Christmas profiteroles

7. What is mulled wine?

A: Wine with spices

8. Eggnog is made of eggs, cream, sugar and what?

A: Milk

9. What leftover veggie meal will you have on Boxing Day?

A: Bubble and Squeak

10. What can you swap beef with in Beef Wellington?

A: Cauliflower

Christmas Food in Movies, Songs, and Books

1. What’s “roasting on an open fire” in The Christmas Song?

A: Chestnuts

2. What type of pudding does Mrs Cratchit serve in A Christmas Carol?

A: Figgy pudding

3. Who fights over hickory honey ham in Christmas with the Kranks?

A: Nora Krank

4. Who bought a big turkey for the Cratchit family on Christmas Day in A Christmas Carol?

A: Scrooge

5. In what carol is figgy pudding featured?

A: We Wish You A Merry Christmas

6. The Grinch stole the last can of what when he plundered the Who feast?

A: Who Hash

7. What kind of pizza did Kevin McAllister order in Home Alone?

A: Cheese pizza

8. What sweetest treats are mentioned in the carol Fum, Fum, Fum?

A: Buns and candy

9. What fruit does Joseph refuse to give Mary in The Cherry Tree Carol?

A: Cherries

10. What type of pudding is mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling?

A: Flaming Christmas pudding

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Food-Related Traditions

christmas food quiz questions and answers

1. If you want to avoid bad luck throughout the following year, in what direction should you mix the Christmas pudding?

A: Clockwise

2. What type of Christmas cookie did English women eat if they wanted to be wed in the days of yore?

A: Gingerbread men

3. In the Victorian era, what was the Goose Club?

A: It was a way for the poor to save for a bird to eat at Christmas

4. King George the First was called the “Pudding King” because he loved what type of Christmas pudding?

A: Plum pudding

5. If you want good luck the following year, what type of pie should you eat on the twelfth day of Christmas?

A: Mince pie

6. Inside what Christmas food item do you hide a joke?

A: Crackers

7. When is the Royal Christmas Message broadcast in the UK?

A: Christmas Day at 3 pm

8. What national day is celebrated in the USA on December 24th?

A: National Egg Nog Day

9. What edible decorations do people typically hang on Christmas trees?

A: Candy canes

10. What food item do you traditionally hide a sixpence silver coin in?

A: A Christmas pudding

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